More of what People are Saying about LifeWave X39

‘For the First Time in Year my Knee is not Hurting’

A doctor friend of mine stopped by my home yesterday with his wife. He has had 5 surgeries on his right knee and he stays in constant pain despite numerous attempts at medication including regular pain clinic visits. So, I took one of my supply of X39 and placed it medially on his right knee. He had an amazed look and said that the pain was a bit less within 5 minutes. We had a cookout and after supper, he said: "YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS BUT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YEARS MY KNEE IS NOT HURTING.


I am shocked!… The experts say this is not possible!’

I have been using the patches about 35 days and I am amazed with the performance. The X39 patch is restoring feeling to my feet! I have had progressive neuropathy for over 25 years, to the point I could barely feel my hand touching my skin anywhere forward of my ankle. On the sole of my foot, I could feel nothing a month ago, today I can feel gentle touch up to the base of my toes, with measurable progress every single day for the last two weeks. I am shocked! The new feelings are quite a surprise and delight. Already, the change positively affected how I walk. The experts say this is not possible.


‘After 30 days sticking with X39 my shoulder got better by 80%’

In August 2017, I injured my right shoulder in a fall. Diagnosis: tear of 2 tendons For personal reasons, I refused an operation. Medical treatments and physical therapy until April 2018 did not improve at all. Almost any sleeping position caused me pain and I have not slept through a single night for months. In July 2018, I began to use X39 locally. Over 2 weeks I had no improvement again, but on day 18 my shoulder felt a bit lighter. After 30 days sticking with X39 my shoulder got better by 80% Since I swam regularly and competitively, it was extremely frustrating not having been in the pool once since almost one year. I will use X39 for another month and I am convinced that my shoulder will be 100% resilient and pain free afterwards.


‘Wow, wow, wow. I am very excited to see what happens in my body in the next months!’

My skin is tighter around my body and I have much more flexibility. The X39 is repairing old injuries. I had a spinal disc herniation C4 for about 20. Years, I feel how the X39 is working on that - my body is changing. I have an underactive thyroid function. My Thyroid is swelling and of course I had some symptoms like irritability, but now they have gone after two days. As a child I broke my ankle, it used to hurt once in a while, since X39, this problem is complete gone. I am studying at the moment to be a naturopath; my memory is increasing incredibly. I am able to learn more quickly.


‘The daily stresses of life and work don’t seem so overwhelming’

'I have used the X39 patch for a week and have experienced amazing results! The benefit that excites me most is that my knees aren’t aching from osteoarthritis. This has made it so much easier to exercise because I am not dreading the pain that normally came with it. The other noticeable benefit is the sense of calmness that I have experienced while using the patch. The daily stresses of life and work don’t seem so overwhelming. My sleep pattern has also improved. Normally I am very restless and don’t sleep through the night but am I happy to say that has improved dramatically.'


‘My vision has improved’

'Just started using the patch 5 days ago. I have keep the patch on my neck for 2days before changing to a new one. I have noticed that my aces & pains on my 62-year-old body have been less. Also, I had cataract surgery on both eyes 2 years ago & my vision improved back then but it seems that I am seeing even a little bit better. I will report back after a couple more weeks I am excited to read all the testimonials; this product will change people’s lives!'


‘Tighter Skin… Deeper Sleep’

‘I started using it 10 days ago and already see that my skin responds positively to it. Tighter skin on my throat, my hairdresser commented today that I have received a lot of small hairs throughout the scalp... new that's new. I also notice that I sleep deeper and have more energy throughout the day.’


‘In SECONDS my headache was GONE!’

‘I woke up around 6 am with a migraine. I took migraine medicine and went back to bed. Around 8 am, my head was still hurting… to the point that I could no longer lay there. I got up and put on one of the X39 patches. Within a matter of SECONDS my headache was GONE!!! I was so impressed by this that as soon as my husband got up I told him. He said “my shoulder has been hurting for a couple of days, do you mind letting me try one?” I put a patch on the position at the base of the neck and within 15 minutes the pain was gone and he had full mobility of his shoulder/arm again!!’


‘No Pain… Clarity… Improved Vision’

I am so excited to share with you my X39 experience: I have been wearing the patch for just 20 days. I feel better and have more every day: I have no pain waking up, clarity of the mind, and my eyesight has improved. I am 62 years old and so I am happy to have again vaginal secretions (many women suffer from vaginal dryness) But I have been surprised by my husband results: he suffered from depression, with anger issues, joint stiffness and muscle twitches. While sleeping he often screamed. So, I decided first for a 10 day AEON application to go with X39 and after just 20 days my husband got back to being a quiet gentleman with a sweet smile/no grudge nor anger/and he walks normally! Thanks from my heart.


‘50% more Energy… 90% pain reduction’

‘I have been applying the X39 patch for 10 days now and here are my results: 1- energy is up 50%. I am no longer sleepy in mid-day. 2- pain has reduced by 90%. An injury to my back has healed in record time. 3- libido is up considerably. 4- I always sleep good, but now I am waking up before the alarm clock and feel more rested.’


‘I am sooooo LOVING X39’

First, SLEEP!! I think I can honestly say that I've experienced DEEP sleep since the first day. Last Sunday night I slept for 9.5 hrs. I cannot emphasize enough how incredible this was. And it was 7 hrs straight - then woke up for about 5 min and went back to sleep for 2.5 more hours!!! Every night seems to be a solid 7 hrs. I have been struggling with sleep issues pretty consistently for a good 2-3 years - and, honestly I've been feeling a little desperate about that in the past month or so. This is really life changing for me. I think it's helping my adrenals and my brain.... I mean, I'm sure the sleep is helping too, but I've really had kind of a crazy week that would normally have been more draining and irritating - especially because it was SO HOT -- but, I've really managed to take it all in stride. It's like a general feeling of calm. Lower back and hip pain and stiffness that I've had for a while seems to be going away. Stretching helps a little and the other patches definitely take the edge off, but this is different. I can't wait to see what changes the next few weeks bring.


‘The first time I am Pain Free after more than 10 years’

I had a lower back pain for more than 10 years. It is much worse when I am sitting in the airplane. Even after I took the pain killers. 2 hours later the pain wold come back unbearable. One day I brought this round little patch with me. It is called X39- It is a stem cells patch, completely natural, no chemicals. It activates my own stem cells. I put it on when I was in the airplane. The whole flight was with no pain at all. This is the first time after more than 10 years. It is amazing. When I flew back home I tried it again and still no PAIN. The most important thing is, it’s completely natural. Because my husband is a doctor he likes to use it for giving him energy. No money can buy PAIN FREE.


‘X39 is amazing, above all expectations!’

I started my X39 test a week ago, and I am amazed by the results. Truly, I didn’t know what to expect…but the great effect hit me like a storm, from day-1! From the first day, and every day - I am very energetic, all day long, with no need for rest at all. My mind is focused, sharp and clear, all day long. When I go to the gym or work out at home – it feels like ‘flying’. Even when I am exhausted, after running 320 stairs, I quickly recover within 2 minutes. At night I fall asleep right away (don’t need a sleep patch anymore). Currently I enjoy a deep sleep of 7-8 hours, without any interruptions. I can’t eat big meals anymore. I enjoy vegetables, fruits, yogurt & nuts, etc. Light meals only, healthy food. I even started to lose some weight, and I feel great! My digestion is working great now, as never before. And one last thing: it seems like my nails are growing faster All of this happened to me in one week only! Now I continue using the X39, don’t want to stop.


‘My wrinkles are getting much better’

‘With the X39 is so good even my wart is getting smaller for just one time of x39. My wrinkles are getting much better too. Wow That is amazing…. I love X39.’


‘The injury is now 100% healed!’

‘Having been in a serious auto accident in October of 2017, sustaining two herniated disc in my neck pressing on nerves with another two in my lumbar. After going through seven months of therapy, it was determined that I had reached a plateau and that epidurals and surgery were the options. LW patches reduced my pain levels to a less severe level, Thank goodness After using the X-39 Patch only one day my symptoms and pain level had all but gone. I thought I was having a placebo effect from the introduction webinar. However, after 2 weeks of use my pain continues to be absent with mobility and range of motion improving every day. The injury is now 100% healed! I am looking forward with much anticipation as to further effects such as regeneration in these and other areas of the body.’


My Scars are Healing’

I have 2 scars under and next to my belly button which is one of the suggested placement. I've had these scars since September when I had surgeries from severe diverticulitis. I'm a neuromuscular myonetics specialist so I can feel the scar tissues on the skin and underneath. I noticed the past couple of weeks since I started using x39 that the scars were itchy. This morning I noticed my scars were healing and scar tissues aren't as painful and I can move it around freely. The scars are feeling more like regular skin tissues and I'm getting sensations back in the scarred areas. I used to have 1 long, thick noticeable scar from my belly button down to my lower abdomen. As u can see on the photo, where I've been placing the x39 on and below the belly button has noticeably lightened. Also want to add that the scar in the belly button used to be painful and easily agitated.... but not anymore. I have great appreciation for X39.


Doctor was amazed at how quickly I was healing’

‘On June 30th I had an accident which caused a deep laceration on my left shin. It required 10 stitches on the outside and 2 on the inside. The Dr. said “your one lucky dude you just missed the nerve by a hair.” It was about a 3-inch laceration and I could visually see my shin bone. Yes, not for the faint of heart. I used X39 near the area… after just 4 days after the accident and you can see very little swelling and redness reduced. One of the things that I noticed was that I had a severe reduction in aches and discomfort around the area. Even the swelling was minimal. On Friday I felt we were close to getting [the stitched] removed. Which would have been a long shot for such a traumatic injury, but you can see how well it is healing. On Sunday, the doctor said she was amazed at how quickly I was healing, and it looked really good. They were removed, and the Dr. released me and said I was good to surf and resume normal activity on Monday. I am so impressed at my progress!’


‘I am blown away with the results’

‘Since I first used the X39 patches 6 days ago I am blown away with the results! I work out with weights at the gym 3 days a week and I normally experience pain, inflammation and tiredness for a couple of days. With X39 I am able to work out harder and my muscles feel like they are healing in real time! I don't feel like I need to wait 2 days to recover between workouts anymore! Another thing I have noticed is I am going to sleep faster with a deeper sleep! An unexpected benefit I noticed is that my usual foods taste better than they used to! My hope is that X39 will eventually help the chronic hip and right knee pain that I have had for many years.’


‘It’s a Miracle’

My wife has had severe hip pain for years. After the 2nd patch these were her words "It's a miracle." She had not been able to move her leg in certain directions but now she can!!! I also have had right hip pain. It is much easier to put my sock on now. I am also able to do certain Jiu Jitu’s moves that I have not been able to do in years. Also, when I squat, I would put my left knee down and keep my right knee up. I am now able to squat normally with no problem.


I had three wonderful experiences so far’

1. Athlete while jogging in the forest sprained his ankle and patched X-39 on the swelling on the ankle and was pain-free after 20 seconds, after 30 minutes, the swelling had completely disappeared and my friend was able to fully put weight on his foot, up to this day. 2. My sales partner Dagmar came to me for a barbecue and complained of very strong knee pain, what can I say, after 3 seconds her pain reduced to "0". 3. My gardener injured his ankle in my back garden on some barbed wire. Four days later he came to me and told me about it I had a look at the injury. It was a horizontal cut of about 10 cm in length on the outside of his ankle. It was very red and swollen open wound. I stuck the X-39 on the centre of the injury and after just one day the redness and swelling had disappeared and the injury looked like it was almost healed. I'm really speechless how fast and effective the X-39 works, thanks David for this great product.


‘I look and feel younger’

I used X39 for 3 weeks now… The benefits I experience with X39 is beyond description. Every day, I feel happy, I feel energetic. I look and feel younger... less wrinkles... I have better appetite. I have better sleep. It's all good! Thank you, David! Thank you Lifewave! X39 is amazing!


X39 has made me ready for a second life on the stage’

7 years ago, I had a stroke, thank god, not a severe one. But since I was feeling like I would never be able to be on a stage and train as I used to. I was feeling so slow, looking for every second word when speaking, even the most usual words were a pain to bring out of my brain… couldn’t find all those images and resources necessary to speak in public… Until X39 came my way! After only 4 or 5 days of use, people started asking me what happened, where did I find this energy, flow of speaking as I used to have… then another until I accepted something changed and gave more attention to realize that I was again composing, building trainings, PPTs, speak to prospects convincing them… X39 has made me ready for a second life on the stage, as a trainer and public speaker… after 7 years feeling old and disabled. WOW! No word will be big enough to say thank you David for your genius.


‘Increased Skin Suppleness’

In my twenties I spent a lot of time in the sun and the front of my lower thighs have had rougher skin as a result. I don’t think I am imagining this, but I have started to notice the skin is becoming more elastic and smooth. It feels like the right amount of oil is in my skin. It is hard to describe. I can even see in my forearms the skin elasticity has increased and skin on my hands appears more supple…